2015 Ford Everest, New Generation of SUV Ford


Ford Everest is a kind of mid-size car sport utility vehicle (SUV) that produced by the Manufacturer of Ford Motor Company located in Thailand. The production of this car was done from 2003 until now. Right now, the information comes to public that general Design of 2015 Ford Everest Ford was appeared in Bangkok, Thailand show. The car will be launched by utilizing more powerful appearance. Therefore, you will find that exterior of the car will be more both attractive and distinctive than before. Modern, lighter and good-looking of the car can be known from contemporary materials of its body.

Specifications, Features and Engine

2015 Ford Everest is designed to provide four-door so you and your family will be easy to come in to the car. The car will also be equipped by utilizing valuable three rows of seats, one in the front for a driver and a passenger and two rows in the back for 6 passengers, so the car can accommodate 7 passengers. Moreover, the lighting of the car will be designed by using beautiful LED technology, so modern and luxury appearance will be shown up beautifully.

2015 Ford Everest


The best features of the car will also completed the modern design because it will provide the powerful mounted 8-inch touch screen by providing SYNC 2 infotainment system. The system will help you to give more powerful experience in driving and staying in the car. The nice system is obtained and developed from the working together between the manufacturer and Microsoft. In addition, the car also has Ford Focus feature so it can help you to make your driving become easier and stay focus more and more.

The powerful car will be launched by providing valuable engine of 2.2-liter inline-four TDCI engine. The powerful engine is able to generate 148 horsepower. You also get the car unit by utilizing the engine of 3.2-liter five-cylinder TDCI engine. The engine is similar with Ford Ranger that capable to produce 200 horsepower. Additionally, the car transmission is still unclear because there is different information about it. In some source claims that the car will use the five-speed automatic and manual transmissions, but other sources claims that the car will provide transmission of six-speed automatic and manual transmissions. If you buy this car, you will spend about 11.6 liters of fuel consumption per 100 km.

Release Date and Price Estimation

When does the car come to the automotive market? Some sources believe and claim that the car will be launched to the market from August 2014 until May 2015. Nevertheless, telling about the price is still unknown; you can see the price estimation by seeing the price estimation of 2014 Ford Everest. The car will obtain some competitors from other brands in the market such as Mitsubishi Challenger, Holden Colorado 7, as well as Isuzu MU-X. For obtaining the safety driving, it is wise for you to make insurance of the car. It can be used to anticipate if there is something wrong to your beloved car.


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